Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ajarn Kring of Wat Khao Din

Wat Khao Din in Suphanburi province is the temple of Ajarn Kring (on the left), who is a disciple of LP Seua Dam (Taweesak) and the abbot there. Although only in his early 30s, he has already been bestowed the rank of Phra Kru.
Portrait of LP Seua Dam.
Photo of LP Seua Dam in his youth as a Cowboy.
Posters of LP Seua Dam making takruts fly out of the tray with his mental power.
The main Vihara.
Temple counter entrance.
The Ubosot.
Giant cymbal near the temple gate.
Phra Sivali, Upakut, Sangkachai and Setthi Nawagot shrine.
Staircase leading to the hilltop Vihara.
The main Sala.
The crematorium.
Beautiful mother of pearl mitmor that I chowed there.

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