Monday, January 09, 2012

LP Seua Dam of Wat Si Nuan

LP Seua Dam (Taweesak) the master of AJ Kring resides in Wat Si Nuan, located in the outskirts of Bangkok. It took me 1 hr to reach there from the city centre, after passing through many rural districts and rough roads.
The Ubosot. The temple was quite under developed and hard to reach, despite being in Bangkok.
The Naval assault boat on display in the courtyard.
Main altar in the Sala.
Portrait of LP Seua Dam in his younger days. He bears a strong resemblanc to AJ Khun Pan, despite being a bandit chief during that time.
The Phayants available at the counter. There were not much to chow and the prices for his takruts were sky-high.
Another part of the altar.
Statues of King Taksin and Rama V in the veranda. Didn't manage to take a shot of LP Seua Dam as he did not allow me to.


SGInquirer said...

Bro do you have any of his stuff at your shop?

Wayne Woo said...

Only left 1 takrut.