Monday, February 06, 2012

LP Pathum of Wat Krua Tanoo

LP Pathum of Wat Krua Tanoo, Suphanburi province is one of the top disciples of LP Doo Wat Saket. He is famous for his Deva amulets like Hanuman riding Singha, Phra Prom and others. His temple, however is quite modest, with relatively few visitors. Above we see the 7-day Buddha statues outside the Ubosot.
Naga statue at the gate.
Banner of LP Pathum's Phra Prom amulets, made in 2552.
Outside LP's kuti.
Main altar in the kuti.
A shot with LP Pathum. Unforuntately there was nothing left in the temple to chow.
Mitmor Arkom from LP Pathum which I chowed at some other place.

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