Monday, February 27, 2012

LP Sawat of Wat Po Thep Prasit

LP Sawat of Wat Po Thep Prasit in Lopburi province is a master in making Deva amulets and he has recently came out with a batch of them to help renovate his temple.
LP Sawat is a disciple of both LP Jant and LP Doh. He invited 8 other famous guru monks to help him consecrate this batch of amulets, including LP Thongdam, LP Suang, AJ Dew and LP Som.
LP Sawat drawing Akaras onto the Rians that I chowed.
And also on the powder amulets.
Having a shot taken with LP. He said there were devotees from Malaysia who came to chow the amulets as well.
The Phra Narai riding Hanuman amulets.
2 of the Phra Prom Rians.

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