Monday, April 23, 2012

Ajarn Klai of Wat Tham Talot

The wide cave of Wat Tham Talot, Songkhla province, has meditation chambers and pools to collect the dripping cool mountain water.
Ajarn  Klai is the abbot of Wat Tham Talot, Songkhla province. He has recently been promoted to Phra Kru rank. Wat Tham Talot is an interesting mountain temple with many caves to explore.
Arriving at the temple.
The Abbot's Kuti.
The Sala with the temple counter.
The cave behind.
A row of Buddha statues in the cave.
Lersi shrine inside the cave.
Stairs leading to one of the meditation chambers.
A strange rock formation along the path behind the cave.
This tree is twisted like a Naga.
Back windows of the meditation chamber.
Crude skull drawings on the cave wall, probably used for meditation.
Tao Wessuwan statue outside the next cave.
Human faces seen on the rock face. Not sure whether they're carved by someone or naturally formed.
Shrines inside the cave, which has a wet floor.
A strange frog-like rock formation, worshipped as a lucky animal.
Another 2 human like rock formations, said to be inhabited by a Muslim Datuk and his son.
Altar of the small Sala.
Inside the Main Sala.
Parting shot of the eating hall before leaving the temple. Not much to chow at the temple however.


easyowl said...

how to go to this temple ? any gps coordination? thanks.

sktoo said...

In what district is this temple located at?