Monday, April 02, 2012

LP Thon of Wat Khao Noi

LP Thon of Wat Khao Noi Kiriwan, Chonburi province is an 89 yrs old guru monk who has a wide range of wicha knowledge. Seeing that he has blessed many types of amulets over the years, I decided to go have a look. The temple itself is built on a small hill, thus the name "Khao Noi".
Above we see the well decorated Ubosot.
The monks' quarters. Below is the temple counter.
One of the temple gates.
Book of LP Thon's amulets, as well as photo of him when he went for tudong travels.
Various golden Buddha statues in the new Vihara.
Main altar in the Sala.
LP Thon Vihara.
The old drum tower.
Main temple gate.
Golden Chedi beside the gate.
Wua Tanoo amulets of LP Thon.
Unique Kring Prok Po amulets.

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SGInquirer said...

Not much of his info on the web. Which item is he famous for?