Monday, August 26, 2013

White Dragon King is LP Tim's disciple

Recently it was reported that the White Dragon King (1937-2013), spiritual godfather to many HK and Taiwan celebrities who passed away a week ago, was himself a disciple of LP Tim Wat Lahanrai. Master Chow aka White Dragon King always venerated LP Tim as his guru monk, and kept many of his amulets. His wife had selected one of his favourites to be buried with him after the funeral. He was also building a new Buddhist temple not far from the White Dragon temple, with a large statue of LP Tim in the Vihara. However Master Chow died before the construction could be completed.

Unknown to many is that Master Chow was actually an ordinary man with no special abilities. His spiritual power come only after the White Dragon (Naga deity) chose him to be a medium. But as with all mediumship, it comes with a big price. When trancing a deity on a regular basis, it takes a huge toll on the body and in the long term one's health is affected and lifespan shortened. One only needs to take a look at the famous mediums of Jatukam like AJ Kopong and Luang Nui, who died not long after the Jatukam craze was over. When they trance Jatukam they performed seemingly superhuman feats like swallowing an entire bottle of XO (in AJ Kopong's case), but after the deity left their bodies, it is inevitable that some damage is done to their internal organs. Longer still I can remember AJ Tim of Wat Changhai, who was the first medium of LP Tuad. He too passed away at 57 yrs old, just as LP Tuad amulets were becoming famous throughout Thailand and overseas. As such famous mediums all have their share of health problems and die before their natural lifespan are exhausted. They may be able to help others through the deity's powers, but ultimately they cannot help themselves. In life they cannot escape aging, sickness and death, and in death they cannot escape becoming and rebirth.

The Dhammapada says:

"Better than sole sovereignty over the earth,
better than going to heaven,
better even than lordship over all the worlds,
is the supramundane Fruit of Stream Entry."

It would better to be an instrument of the Dhamma, seeking an end to suffering, then to be an instrument of any god or deity, filled with power to move mountains, yet still chained to the wheel of Samsara. 

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wei lun said...

A sacred Lp dont simply made amuletz
they only make when they know their time is coming to end
After make amulets around 10 to 15 yrs they will passed away
this type of amuletz is good for collection/saksit😄😄