Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mind and Movement 论心动

A disciple asked Bodhidharma, "How is the Mind able to move?"

Bodhidharma replied,

"Movement is the Mind moving,
Movement is its function.
Outside of Movement there is no Mind,
Outside of Mind there is no Movement.
Movement is not the Mind,
Mind is not the Movement.
Movement is fundamentally without Mind,
Mind is fundamentally without Movement.
Movement is not apart from the Mind,
Mind is not apart from the Movement.
Without Movement the Mind is detached,
Without Mind the Movement is detached.
Movement is the Mind's function,
Function is the Mind's movement.
Neither Moving nor Functioning,
That which functions is fundamentally empty.
Emptiness is fundamentally unmoving,
Moving and functioning is same as the Mind.
The Mind is empty and unmoving,
The Mind is fundamentally without movement."

Thus the Scriptures say,

"Moving all day yet the True Mind does not move,
Coming and going all day yet the True Mind neither comes nor goes,
Seeing all day yet the True Mind never sees."

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