Saturday, August 08, 2009

Siang Teng in Hadyai

Tong Sia Siang Teng in Hadyai is an important charity organization in Southern Thailand to help casualties in traffic accidents and other mishaps. If the victims are alive they would be sent to the hospital but if they are dead they would help to give them a proper cremation. Above we see the entrance to the Siam Teng.
The office. I went there to make a donation to the organization.
The Chinese temple inside.
Their operations building, where the ambulances are parked.
The Phra Sampogong Buddha shrine.
Inside the Chinese temple are 3 main deities.
In the middle is the statue of Patriarch Tai Hong Gong (1039-1125CE), a great Chan Master of the Song dynasty, who is revered by the Teochew Chinese in Thailand.
On the left was Tua Pek Gong, a popular earth deity who likes to give wealth to devotees.
On the right was Jow Mae Lim Kor Neo, a well-known female deity in Pattani province.
The calligraphy on the board says "Illuminate your Heart and see your Nature", the ideal of Chan Buddhism.
A 3" bronze bucha of Tai Hong Gong I chowed from the temple.


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