Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wat Koksaman in Hadyai

Wat Koksaman is the biggest Buddhist temple in Hadyai town, located not far from the bridge, on the other side of the railway.
The Jatukam shrine, which is not fully built yet.
And this is where they plan to build the world's first black jewel LP Tuad statue. The concrete body of the statue and shrine structure were already up.
The beautiful Ubosot.
Phra Indra in fierce Yakka form.
The Phra Prom shrine. Behind is a LP Tuad shrine.
Phra Jantra in fierce Yakka form.
The multi-tiered spires and Phaya Krut image.
Images of Phra Narai and Ong Por Jatukam above the doors. Side view of the LP Tuad statue.
LP Pahn shrine. LP Pahn was the founder of this temple.
The Sala.
Statues of Lersi and ancient kings.
2" buchas of LP Tuad, made to gather funds for the black jewel LP Tuad project.


Anonymous said...

just wondering,the temple made LP Thuad buchas for this funds gathering only?? Or actually,there's also amulets & rain made to chow for the same reason??

Anonymous said...

Why is LP Thuad so popular in Thailand Temple ? What is he famous at ?

Wayne said...

Legend of LP Tuad:

Yes there are amulets, rians and buchas made for raising funds.