Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ajarn Pon of Wat Khao Huay Haeng

Arriving at Wat Khao Huay Haeng in Trang. This is the cave temple of the upcoming master, Ajarn Pon.
The Cobra shrine outside the cave temple.
Close up of the Cobra deity.
Coming batch of Jao Sua and Buddha roops to be made by Ajarn Pon.
The main Buddha altar inside the cave temple.
Ajarn Pon's talking mynah. It's a very smart bird!
The temple counter.
Altar of Jao Sua Jook, a power Kumanthong spirit residing in this hill. Jao Sua Jook means "son of the tiger king".
Another altar for Ajarn's masters.
Their big Jaukam statue.
Chedi on top of a rock.
Ajarn Pon drawing Yants on his hand-carved Jao Sua Jook buchas, made from fragrant wood.
Ajarn had just came back from the hospital after an operation. That's why he was resting on the couch. However, he still kindly draw Yants on the buchas for my friend and bless them personally for him.
Having our photo taken with Ajarn. These KMT buchas are very "saksit" or effective. My friend's hairs stood on end when he received them from Ajarn. When Ajarn invited Jao Sua Jook's spirit down, I could hear all the dogs howling even though it was in the afternoon. Later that night when they brought the buchas back to the hotel, there was another incident. We left the buchas in the hotel room and left for dinner, switching off all the lights and air con. However when we went back to the room, the lights and air con was on again. Who switched them on? It was the KMT's way of telling us they were there. Nowadays it is difficult to get these hand-carved wooden KMT buchas. But I did not chow any as I'm not a KMT collector.
Outside Ajarn's kuti, preparing to leave.


tun said...

Dear Bro Wayne,

May I know where is this wat located??? Look like an interesting wat to me.

Wayne Woo said...

Trang province.