Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wat Kok Don in Pattalung

Wat Kok Don is an old temple in Pattalung founded by Ajarn Kaew. It was recently renovated with new wooden structures by the current abbot Ajarn Satian. Most of the buildings are built from wood, thus giving the temple its name "kok don".
The monks' quarters.
The hall with a small display counter.
A low wooden tower.
The old Sala.
The new wood Sala.

Short clip of the interior of the new Sala.
The main altar, even the Buddha statue and Disciple statues are made of wood.
Having our photo taken with Ajarn Satian.
The catalog of the new batch of amulets to help build up the temple. It will be consecrated together by Ajarn Satian and Ajarn Pachuab next month.

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R3D said...

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