Monday, October 04, 2010

The Legend of Lersi Poo Seua

From this source:

The legend of Poo Seua (Grandfather Tiger) was related by LP Kalong a long time ago. LP said that when he was young he liked to go into the jungle and mountain in order to practice meditation in seclusion. This was for the benefit and welfare of Buddhism. One day, LP went to spend his rain retreat at Wat Dao Dueng in Singburi province. At that time, the temple was badly dilapidated.

During the first night of stay there, a strange incident happened. There was a strong wind blowing and ghostly screams were heard.

On the second night, there was a strong rotting smell and also a mass of big black ants. There were about 10,000 of ants crawling around the resting area of LP.

On the third night, there were sounds of a giant as huge as a tree walking around.

With regards to the various incidents that happened, LP dealt with them with his Discipline, Concentration and Wisdom. Skillful in Wicha LP surmounted the obstacles smoothly, until there was a shadow which appeared in the place where LP was sitting and chanting.

When LP opened his eyes, he saw an old man with a fierce looking face, who was over a hundred years old. The face gradually changed into the face of a ferocious tiger.

Poo Seua asked LP, "Venerable Sir, who are you and where did you come from?"
LP answered, "I am Kalong, and I came for seclusion so as to practice meditation according to the teachings of the Buddha."

Poo Seua then told LP the truth, "The incidents that happened the last few nights arose mostly from my power. I thought that you were trying to challenge me."

Poo Seua continued, "In my previous life, I was ordained at the time of the 2nd King of Ayuttaya, about 500 yrs ago. My name was LP Krut and we ever practiced together."

"In my previous life, I practiced the occult art of Seua Saming until I was very skillful. My body transformed from a monk into a Tiger-head Lersi because of Seua Saming's spell. This remained so until I passed away."

"After death, I became Lersi Poo Seua and continued to practice until today."

In order to prove that he was speaking the truth, Poo Seua brought LP to a secret treasure chest hidden under a large rubber tree. There were two 9" golden Buddha images inside. It was the proof that in their previous lives, LP Kalong and LP Krut made them together as an offering to the propagation of Buddhism. After digging them out, LP buried the Buddha images back.

After that, the news spread throughout the village and it made the villagers came looking for the golden Buddha images. But nobody ever found the hidden treasure.

In BE2513 (1970), LP built Wat Kao Laem in Sakaew, which was previously a part of Prachinburi province. One day, when LP was meditating, Poo Seua manifested in the presence of LP and mentioned, "I want to practice here too."

At that time, LP was building the ordination hall but still lack the funds to build a shrine for Poo Seua. There was a villager who heard the news, so he came to try his luck. He made a wish for good luck, and it happened that he won a 6-figure sum of prize money. He utilized the money to build a shrine for Poo Seua. The shrine was erected under the Makkha tree in front of LP's kuti and there it remained until today.


bob said...

Hi, i like your blogs , very interesting and informative.

understand that u are very into thai culture and gurus. Pls take a look at this youtube clip, do u know where this master is residing?

Perfekt Tension said...

My mother was born in Surin I am first born 1/2 in America for my family and have grew up in Buddhism, I came to satahip in June 2nd 2012 1st day here I had a dream of lersi por gae tai fai. 2 were present the Lersi I front of me was chanting and the other was sitting behind me pulling my ear lobes down as the one was chanting I felt my 3rd eye open after that the lersi por gae started laughing as the one behind me tapped me in the middle of my back, I then woke up & could not go back to sleep. Can you interpret this dream for me? After this I went to go get Por Gae sak yant where I was hit in my dream. If you have time or can interpret this dream please email me at thanks so much I really admire your blog and knowledge of the masters.

Wayne Woo said...

U were a disciple of both Lersis in your past life. They came into your dream to help u remember the wicha which they transmitted to u then. U shld find good masters to further your knowledge and help as many ppl as u can. Those 2 Lersis will appear in your dream to guide u every now and then.