Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Consecration Ceremony at Wat Puthaisawan

Chancing upon the consecration ceremony of a batch of Lersi and Rahu statues at Wat Puthaisawan in Ayuttaya. At the end of the clip we can see LP Poon of Wat Ban Paen.


Anonymous said...

Hello, i came across your blog simply by chance while googling Lor Phor Thaud's cobra given crystal ball (maybe visiting wat phra kho in april).. and i ended up reading so many posts

Thank you for sharing your insights on your Great site!

P.S. I am a big fan of laung phor thaud, and am thinking of getting a Phra Sivali version of him.. would you know where i can find one?


Wayne Woo said...

U can get that at Wat Pako in Songkhla or Wat Prasat in Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wayne.. hope i can manage the trip over to Wat Pako..

I really enjoyed reading your site, with your views on world and local events...