Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mae Takian of Wat Nang Kui

Wat Nang Kui is an ancient temple established during the Ayuttaya Era. It is famous for its over 400 yrs old Buddha statue Luang Por Yim as well as its guardian deity, Mae Takian. Above we see the principal Buddha image inside the Ubosot.
The famous Luang Por Yim Buddha statue. It has a very serene smile, thus it is given the name "Yim", which means smiling in Thai. The old Chedis standing outside the Ubosot. The Dvaravadi period Luang Por Sila statue in front of the Ubosot.
The remaining chunk of the Mai Takian tree trunk. The old tree collapsed years ago and this was what's left of it.
The Mae Takian shrine, built around the Mai Takian tree stump. She was originally the rich lady during the Ayuttaya Era who donated this piece of land for building the temple. Thus the temple was named after her - "Nang Kui". After she passed away, she became a tree deva who resided in this Mai Takian tree as a result of her merit. Mae Nang Kui continued to watch over this temple as its guardian deity even though the tree had collapsed years ago. People come to pray to her for good luck all the time.
The Katha to venerate Mae Takian.
The sheltered walkway leading to the Ubosot.
Blessed roop images of Mae Takian, made from the Mai Takian wood powder.
Takruts carved out of the Mai Takian wood.

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