Monday, February 21, 2011

LP Si Meung of Wat Kan Tod

When we arrived at Wat Kan Tod, it was already close to dusk. This is the temple of the venerated LP Si Meung, who is an expert in making metta and wealth sacred objects in Suphanburi. Above we see the Ubosot.
The twin Salas.
Another shot of the Sala.
Inside LP's Kuti, we chowed the items to let him rebless.
LP applying holy powder to some of the amulets.
Chanting a prayer of blessing.
It is done.
LP inscribing a good luck Yant on the top of my head.
Another shot. It feels slightly prickish.
LP giving a goldfoil blessing on my forehead.
Followed by a Salika Lin Thong blessing on my tounge.
One of the Took Gae (gecko) I restocked at the temple.

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