Friday, February 04, 2011

LP Khom of Wat Pai Rong Wa

LP Khom of Wat Pai Rong Wa was a famous guru monk in Suphanburi during the 80s. He was well versed in meditation and most remembered for building the large Buddhist theme park at Wat Pai Rong Wa, which remains a strong tourist attraction to this day. LP passed away in 2533 (1990) at the age of 88. Above we see his wax statue.
LP Khom's undecaying body in the glass casket can still be seen up close.
A bas relief of LP Khom's body, covered with gold foil.
Taking a shot with LP Khom's glass casket behind me.
The final batch of Nang Kwak buchas consecrated by LP Khom in 2531 (1988).
The large Phra Buddha Kodom statue in the theme park.

Video of the Buddha statue.
A replica building of the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhigaya, India.

Video of the interior of the replica building.

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