Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wat Bang Krang in Suphanburi

Equally as famous as Wat Palelai is Wat Bang Krang, home of the oldest Khun Paen amulets in Thailand. Here they have up to 400yrs old type of antique Khun Paen, worth many thousands of Sing dollars. Above we see the main Buddha image in the Ubosot.
The Chedi with various relics on display.
A closer look at the relics.
A signboard talking about the history of Wat Bang Krang as well as the past patronage of King Rama V and Poet Sunthon Phu.
An old Mondop.
Vihara of Luang Por Kaew.
The ancient Buddha statues inside the Vihara.
The tent shrine to a long Mai Takian log.
The temple counter.
A piece of the BE 2492 Twin Khun Paen that I chowed.


Anonymous said...

Hi bro, can you be kind enough to educate me how the Bang krang amulets were kept in the bells and how long was stored in there etc...thank you...

King Always Strong said...

Hi bro,can any brother can tell me the amulet in the Pagoda consist of how many batch,BE of the oldest and newest.Material used to make and actual color of the amulet also easy way to varify between original and fake...etc,,,Thank you