Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ajarn Nikom's House in Suphanburi

Ajarn Nikom is a famous white-robe wicha master in Suphanburi, with many fans and followers in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. During my past NS reservist training, I met another Ajarn in Singapore who was his disciple. From him I heard much about Ajarn Nikom's abilities. Above we see a video that I shot inside AC's house.
When I was there, a female Malaysian dealer as well as a local monk had come to consult AC on certain kathas.
AC reblessing the amulets I chowed at his house.
Blowing his "energy" onto the amulets.
AC applying holy powder to the Poo Jao Saming Prai bucha that I chowed.
Poo Jao Saming Prai is the Patron Lersi of Necromancy and occult arts.
Meeting AC again on my subsequent trip there.
Having a "Ling Lom" sakyant done by AC's brother. My body is too fair compared to my face and limbs.. I badly need an even tan!
A close up the Ling Lom "draft".

Another short sakyant clip taken by my friend.

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TaunTaun said...

I live in Suphanburi and I'm looking into a sak yant for myself. Whereabouts is Ajarn Nikom's house? Thanks!