Friday, March 11, 2011

LP Liu of Wat Rai Daeng Thong

LP Liu of Wat Rai Daeng Thong, Nakhon Pathom, was a famous master of the Phaya Dao Reun "Wealth Turtle" amulets who passed away more than 10 yrs ago. His most famous amulet was the Phra Sangkachai Wealth Turtle Rian that he co-consecrated with LP Koon of Wat Banrai many years ago. They are famous for their Metta and wealth attraction power. Above we see a statue of LP Liu in the main Sala.
The amulet counter. The current abbot is Ajarn Chon, but he was not around.
The Guanyin shrine pavilion.
The beautiful temple gate.
Giant Statue of LP Liu riding turtle in the new Vihara.

Clip of the giant statue.
The exterior of the LP Liu Vihara is still under renovation.
Phra Upakut shrine. My driver said he felt very serene in this temple. I replied it had a very good energy flowing around inside. Perhaps LP Liu's spirit was still around to bless devotees.
3" LP Liu riding turtle bucha that I chowed at the temple.

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