Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LP Pichet of Wat Kok Mor

LP Pichet of Wat Kok Mor is an upcoming guru monk in Lopburi, and his temple is famous for its wood carving sacred objects. Above we see the Phra Huyan shrine. It is said that the Phra Huyan is the most famous Buddha image and amulet in Lopburi province.
The Ubosot of Wat Kok Mor.
Entrance to the inner courtyard.
The Pikanet shrine.
A portrait of LP Derm outside LP Pichet's kuti.
Statues of Phra Sangkachai and Poo Chiwok in the temple shop.
LP Pichet drawing Yants on the Lersi Mai Tao that I chowed.
The main altar in LP's kuti. Other than the big Phra Kaew statue, I can see many chunks of crystals and minerals below. LP has some Chinese blood and is able to speak a little Teochew dialect.
Photos of LP Suang.
Phra Upakut 7" bucha made of teakwood.
Rare teakwood Cobra Staff from LP Pichet. It is now in the hands of a local collector.

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