Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ajarn Rak of Wat Ban Muang

Ajarn Rak of Wat Ban Muang in Lopburi is one of the top disciples of LP Thom. He is quite young, only a few years older than me, but has learned much wicha from his master when he was still alive. Above we see the temple gate.
The Ubosot.
The cremation pavilion.
The main Sala.
The Mae Takian shrine.
The "Luang Por Nak" statue that is still under construction.
Display counter inside Ajarn Rak's kuti, with a portrait and wax bucha of his guru LP Thom.
The altar in his kuti with a Phra Kaew bucha.
AJ reblessing the items that I chowed.
A shot with the upcoming master.
AJ Rak's Mitmor Tao Wessuwan.
His Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop.

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