Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wat Manicholakan & LP Saeng Chedi

Wat Manicholakan in Lopburi is the temple of LP Dew, an expert in making Phra Prom amulets from the lineage of Ajarn Heng Wat Saket. He learned the wicha from LP See's brother, which also learned directly from Ajarn Heng. Above we see the temple gate.
The main Sala.
LP Dew's kuti.
The white Chedi of the temple.
A shot with LP Dew, who is in his early 50s. LP Dew drawing Yants on the Rian that I chowed.
Rian Phra Prom mass chanted in 2548 by LP Dew.
Billboard telling us the places of interests in Lopburi town. The LP Saeng Chedi is just opposite Wat Manicholakan.
Phra Leela shrine outside the LP Saeng Vihara.
The great Chedi of LP Saeng, who was the teacher of Somdej Toh in meditation. Although LP Saeng was younger than Somdej Toh, he still learned from LP Saeng as he has reached a higher Jhana than him.
The wax statue of LP Saeng in the Vihara.
Statue of Somdej Toh holding scripture.
Photo of LP Jaran with Chao Kun Nuan, who was the former abbot of Wat Manicholakan. This was taken in 2529 (1986) during the opening of the Vihara and consecration of the statue of LP Saeng.
The statue of LP Saeng.
Outer view of the Vihara.

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