Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ajarn Mahatana in Samut Prakan

Ajarn Mahatana in Samut Prakan is a powerful white robe master who specializes in various "Kreng Lang" or non-mainstream amulets dealing with spirits. Above we see the LP Pinak portrait on the altar at his house. According to AJ he has learned the wicha of making certain spirit amulets from LP Pinak, as well as other masters.
The Lersi and Burmese Devas altar. Notice the Mae Per statue on the right.
Having a shot taken with AJ. Behind him is a poster in Chinese advertising his visit to Singapore.
One of his specialities, Khun Pet and Mae Per amulets. There's a big emphasis on Yin and Yang combination for the best effect.
Burmese Devas Nat Hong Tong and Nat Boboyee amulets.


Alvin Yap said...

Hi Wayne: what's the address of AC Maha Tana. How to get there? thx.

Amirul Amirul emo said...

Can I know AC mahatana adress ?