Saturday, August 27, 2011

LP Lee of Wat Asokaram

Video clips I took at the temple.
Wat Asokaram is the awe-inspring temple of LP Lee, who is one of the most prominent Forest Ajarns of the previous century. He was famed for his deep insights into the Dhamma and meditation, as well as his ability to teach them to others using various metaphors. Above we see the 13 Chedis of Wat Asokaram, represent the 13 Tudong precepts.
The Grand Vihara.
Shrine to King Asoka the Great. Some believed LP Lee to be King Asoka in his previous existence.
Replica of the King Asoka Pillar.
Reclining Buddha statue carved out of a Mai Takian trunk.
Model Skeleton for Asubha meditation practice.
Chamber containing various artifacts used previously by LP Lee.
Replica statue of Phra Buddha Chinaraj in the main hall.
The golden casket of LP Lee.
Another side chamber venerating the few great Forest Ajarns.
The Relic display.
Closer look at the precious relics of past Arahants.
3" bucha of LP Lee that I chowed.


observer said...

I would be in bangkok from 15-18 september. I would like to visit Wat Ambhavan and see Phra Jarun. Can you tell me how to get there? Thank You.

Wayne Woo said...

U need to hire a driver to take u there. It's in Amper Promburi of Singburi province.