Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LP Chern of Wat Kok Thong

LP Chern of Wat Kok Thong, Ayuttaya, was one of the top disciples of LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho and LP Jong Wat Natangnok. He was quite a famous guru monk in Ayuttaya until he passed away in 2543. Above we see the temple gate.
The temple counter.
The long row of Salas and kutis.
Various framed up phayants blessed by LP Chern.
Statues of LP Parn and LP Chern.
A life-like wax statue of LP Chern, placed in front of his kuti.
Distant view of the bell tower.
The back entrance.
5" bucha of LP Chern.
Silver divine animal Somdej amulets.
Set of Garuda, Rooster and Rachasi Somdej amulets.

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