Monday, July 18, 2011

LP Thom of Wat Cherng Tha

Wat Cherng Tha is the temple of LP Thom, who used to be the top guru monk in Lopburi until he passed away some years ago. It is also famous for its Lopburi-Khmer style Nakprok Buddha statue.
The very old "Luang Por Nak" Buddha statue which is believed to grant the wishes of the faithful.
The front altar with various relics.
The temple counter. I chowed one of the smaller Luang Por Nak buchas made of sandstone. Unfortunately it was badly damaged when I brought it back to Singapore.
The LP Thom shrine in front of his kuti.
A life-like wax statue of LP Thom sits in front of his undecaying body in the glass casket.
A closer shot of LP Thom's body.
The side Vihara.
The Mai Takian shrine.
White Chedis and a row of Lopburi style Buddha statues outside the Ubosot.

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