Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ajarn Thong's body destroyed in a fire

"Thus is the Tathagata:
Coming from where there is no coming,
Going to where there is no going;
He is unborn and undying."
- Diamond Sutra

It is with much regret that I confirmed that the undecaying body of Ajarn Thong Wat Pagor has been destroyed in a fire last month. Apparently, those so-called "monks" that have been living in the temple had a fierce quarrel and one of them set fire to AJ's body in a fit of rage; all that is left of the body is a pair of feet.
The remains of AJ Thong's body was placed in a casket at the temple.
Although sad, it is not unexpected. Because when AJ Thong was still alive he had already prophesied that the temple would be finished after his passing away. True enough it was soon inhabited by crocodiles and wolves in Jiworn robes who live off the donations of devotees. Still AJ continued to watch over the temple for  the past 12 yrs, but I guess he too had enough and finally decided to leave. If not how could those wolves burn his body? Devotees only visit the temple to pay respect to AJ Thong during these past yrs; but by destroying his body, they destroy their own alms bowls as well. Woe unto them. May AJ Thong continue to watch over us disciples in the Dharmakaya, sadhu (3x).

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