Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lek Lai of Wat Hua Tanon

Wat Hua Tanon in Songkhla province is the temple of Ajarn Chot, which recently came out with a batch of Lek Lai amulets for chowing. It is a beautiful temple with many statues. Above we see the temple gate.
Statues of the Devas and Asuras churning the ocean of milk, similar to the one in Suwarnaphum airport.
The Jatukam shrine.
The main Vihara with a large Buddha statue on the roof.
The Sivali shrine.
The Ubosot.
Guanyin shrine.
LP Tuad shrine.
Inside the Vihara.
Lek Lai ore displayed at the temple counter.
Kee Lek Lai.
Lek Lai Lersi Jan Mak.

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