Monday, May 21, 2012

PT Gleun of Wat Pradoo Moo

PT Gleun of Wat Pradoo Moo, Songkhla province is a 104 yrs old guru master who learned from Ajarn Yiad Wat Donsala and Ajarn Seng Wat Laem Sai. After seeing an ad in a magazine abt his old Pidta amulets I decided to go to the temple to visit this old master.
Having a shot taken with PT Gleun. He said there are no more amulets in the temple, but since I came such a long way from Singapore, he gave me a Somdej amulet he personally blessed. Although very old, PT could still walk ard himself with the help of a tongkat. He later mentioned that he could live so long because he never drank cold water, but only warm water or tea.
The Somdej amulet he gave me. Behind is his picture. He said it would give me very good Metta, strong enough to have many wives (Metta Saneh). I laughed but he added that those who wore this amulet must not defacate and urinate at the same time, which I thought was a strange rule. PT also taught me a katha which he said was excellent for wealth attraction -

Sang Thong Katha:

Om Sangthong Sang Gaew Kam Mah Leow
Glap Mah Rong Mah Mak
Na So Jit Mah Nit So Jai Mah Hai Wai
Wai Tan Welah Akat Chaiya Akat Chahi
Mani Mah Mah Mah Mah (7x).

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Thenesh Munisamy said...

Hi....Can you gimme PT Gleun address. Planning to pay my respect to Phor Than Gleun