Monday, July 02, 2012

Ajarn Wuten of Wat Thamai

Ajarn Wuten of Wat Thamai in Samut Sakhon province is a young and upcoming abbot of a big temple with many supporters. Many devotees come here to practice meditation and there are also famous Thai celebrities who come and tambon the young master. When I went there for the first time, the Main Vihara was still under construction.
The Guanyin Vihara. On my second visit there it was already completed. This meant that they had a good supply of building funds.
Chedi Hall containing Lord Buddha's relics.
Billboard talking about the history of LP Rung, a famous guru monk in this province, who is also the master of AJ Wuten.
The Rahu Vihara.
The Ubosot.
Statue of Phra Buddha Hiranraj, a Burmese style Medicine Buddha.
Portratits of LP Rung behind the Buddha statue.
Statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
Another shot of Buddha Hiranraj.
Statue of Phra Buddha Metta (replica of the statue in the Mahabodhi temple of Bodhigaya).
Poo Chiwok statue in the Hall of Lersi.
The many Lersi and Deva masks in the Hall of Lersi.
Article on AJ Wuten.
Chedi of Buddha relics.
Portrait of AJ Wuten.
Poster of the wealth takruts beside the temple counter.
Another Sala with many Lersi statues.
Buddha foot shrine inside the Main Sala.
Shrine of Phra Buddha Pid Krok.
Bucha of Buddha Pid Krok, symbolizing the sealing off of all bad luck.
Bucha of Phra Buddha Hiranraj, which means the King of Wealth.
Phra Pong Barami 30 Tat, representing the past, present and future Buddhas.

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