Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod of Wat Sam Roi Yod

Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod is the mountain god of Sam Roi Yod mountain in Prachuab Kirikan province. The Chinese style shrine (seen above) is located inside Wat Sam Roi Yod temple. As we know this is the mountain that produces many wonderous stone relics (Hin Phra That) of great energy.
The large incense urn in front of the shrine.
Statue of Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod.
Statue of Sun Wukong and Guanyin beside Jao Poo.
Board explaining the origins of this mountain god.
The Wiharn of Wat Sam Roi Yod.
Buddha statue inside the Wiharn.
LP Pricha, the previous abbot of this temple who passed away in BE 2531.
The Ubosot.
The monks' quarters.
Mondop worshipping the Buddha's relics.
Long hall in the middle.
Large stone relic statues at the shops beneath the mountain.
Altar to Jao Poo in one of the shops.
Rare white stone relic chanting beads.
Beautiful stone relic Somdej amulets.


leonhart said...

Wayne, how to reach to this temple? Hope can get some direction from you. Do I need to get a English speaking guide as I speak no Thai language.

TQ, Lai

david8 said...

Hi bro, do u have these chanting bead or relics stone amulet ? I keen to buy these items .can whatsapp me 81000663 David . Do u have amulet shop that I can visit?