Sunday, August 05, 2012

LP Seua of Wat Don Yai Peun

LP Seua of Wat Don Yai Peun in Singburi province is a guru monk famous for various types of amulets, including Tiger, Mitmor, Somdej and KMT. He was formerly a disciple of LP Pae and LP Griang. The small little temple was previously a Samnak, recently upgraded into a Wat.
The main altar in LP's kuti.
Outside view of his kuti.
The small Ubosot.
The 3 Tiger statues outside the Ubosot, said to be LP's guardians.
Main altar inside the Ubosot. Below the Buddha are statues of his masters.
The shrine to the 7-day Buddhas.
Billboard advertising a recent batch of special Mitmor from LP Seua.

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