Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wat LP Opasi in Bangkok

Wat LP Opasi in Bangmot, Bangkok is the temple of the great guru monk of Fire Jhana, LP Opasi. This place used to be called Arsom Bangmot and was expanded into a temple after LP Opasi passed away. Above we see the temple gate.
The Ubosot.
The Mazu shrine beside the temple.
Mazu and Tai Hong Gong statue inside the shrine.
Guanyin and Shancai statue outside.
The tall Dragon pillar.
Billboard stating the amount of money used to build up this temple.
Another view of the Ubosot.
Statue of Tieguai Li, leader of the 8 Immortals.
The side Vihara.
Phra Chinaraj Statue inside the Ubosot.
Distant view of LP Opasi's Chedi.
The holy furnace where LP Opasi used to burn all the offerings given to him.
Statue of LP Opasi in the posture when he entered Nibbana.
Statue of King Rama V, whom LP Opasi had a deep affinity with.
Different statues of LP Opasi.
Entrance to the grand Chedi.
Large portrait of LP Opasi in front of his casket. After paying respect to LP, I chowed some new amulets from the beautiful temple.
The various types of Rians that I got.

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