Monday, August 27, 2012

Ajarn Erng of Wat Cherng Wai

Ajarn Erng of Wat Cherng Wai in Bang Seua, Bangkok is the top master of making Phra Pirab amulets today. He was also famous for one batch of Khun Paen Coyote which caused quite a scandal at that time due to the images of naked woman dancers on the amulet. Of course, AJ did not know how it looked like when he blessed those KP. Above we see the temple gate. On that day there was a Chinese funeral in the temple, thus the banner there.
Gate leading to the Ubosot.
The main office building.
The monks' quarters and bell tower.
Another view of the Ubosot.
Taking a shot with AJ in his kuti.
AJ drawing Yants on the Pirab amulets that I chowed. He was quite a friendly and obliging master.
The Jumbo Phra Pirab Rians.

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