Monday, September 03, 2012

LP Saithong of Wat Bot

LP Saithong of Wat Bot in Ayuttaya province is one of the top disciples of LP Doo and LP See Wat Sakae, who specializes in making Phra Prom amulets and various powerful takruts. He is considered the top 4 masters of Phra Prom amulets in Thailand today. Above we see the temple gate.
The main Vihara.
The cremation hall.
We see LP Saithong chatting with devotees in the main Sala.
Potraits of LP.
Lersi and Mae Thorani buchas available for chow.
The altar in the Sala.
LP blessing my Phra Narai buchas.
LP drawing Yants on the Rians that I chowed.
Some of the Phra Prom Rians.
Takrut Maha Prab, one of his famous takruts.

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