Sunday, September 16, 2012

LP Kob of Wat Khao Salika

LP Kob of Wat Khao Salika in Lopburi province is the master of LP Opasi. Although they have never met in person, it was LP Kob who taught LP Opasi (through telepathy) the Fire Kasina method of meditation, by concentrating the mind on a candle flame to attain Jhana. LP Kob was also eccentric on the outside but highly attained on the inside.
Above we see the temple gate of Wat Khao Salika.
The main altar inside the LP Kob Vihara. The red cross with a flame in the centre is the symbol of both LP Kob and LP Opasi.
Side altar.
The Sangkachai shrine.
External view of the Vihara.
LP Kob statue in the courtyard.
The boat shrine in front of the Vihara.
Chedi of LP Kob.
Altar inside the boat shrine. Unfortunately there was nothing to chow in the temple.

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