Monday, September 10, 2012

LP Suwan of Wat Yang

LP Suwan of Wat Yang in Ang Thong province is a master famous for his mineral and fossil stone amulets. Besides that he also has a wide variety of items including Mitmor and takruts. Above we see the temple gate.
Billboard of LP Suwan's amulets beside the Ubosot.
Large Bodhi Tree.
The main Sala.
Guanyin and 8 Immortals shrine, probably built by Chinese devotees.
The bell tower.
Cremation chamber.
LP's kuti and temple shop.
Phra Isuan (Shiva) shrine.
LP's blessing table.
LP Suwan blessing my buchas for me.
Pet Natang mineral amulets.
Blessed wood fossil stone amulets.

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