Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LP Reuang of Wat Khao Sam Yod

LP Reuang of Wat Khao Sam Yod is one of the top guru monks of Lopburi famed for his meditation powers and wicha. However he is very old now (90 plus yrs) and has been bedridden for quite some time.
One of the many turkeys roaming around in the temple.
And the roosters.
Kutis of the monks.
The meeting hall.
Phra Pikanet altar inside LP's kuti.
The main altar with many Jade Buddha statues.
LP lying unconscious on the bed inside his room.
Mother of pearl Phra Kan from the temple.
Jade Somdej blessed by LP.
Jade Buddha roops.


Cozmik_J said...

Dear Wayne, I just wondering if you have Katha from LP Reuang. Or can you help me translate this https://ibb.co/i0Hspp
Thank you

Unknown said...

Recently purchased an Er Ge Hong locket and after doing a little research online I believe it was released by LP Reuang in 2544. Is it possible that you could have info and /or amulet release photos to verify this? Can provide photos. Thank you for a reply and any info you may have.