Sunday, July 08, 2012

LP Ban Laem of Wat Pet Samut

LP Ban Laem of Wat Pet Samut in Samut Songkram province is one of the 3 Buddha Brothers (the other 2 being LP Sotorn and LP Khao Takrao) that miraculously floated down the Chao Phraya river a long time ago. It is a standing Buddha statue in the posture of holding almsbowl (Pang Umbat). Situated in the heart of town, it is very popular with the local devotees. Above we see the temple gate. 
Path leading to the Vihara.
Replica statues outside the Vihara.
Devotees pasting gold foil onto the statue of LP Ban Laem up close.
Complete view of the main altar.
Bucha of LP Ban Laem that I chowed.
3" Sangkachai bucha.


amazing amulets said...

Hi Wayne, I know that LP Ban Laem is also the Buddha for Wednesday. But Wednesday night is Palelai Buddha. Hence, are you able to tell me LP Ban Laem is from what time in the morning to what time in the evening? Thanks a lot!

Wayne Woo said...

Is from morning to b4 noon. After noon is Pang Palelai.

amazing amulets said...

I was born on a Wednesday, time was 6.55pm. Therefore, I have to pray to Palelai Buddha. Right? Thks & regards!