Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LP Parn of Wat Bangnomkho

LP Parn (1875-1938 CE) is best known as the great guru monk who taught the Phra Pajjeka Po Prod Sat Katha, better known as the "Billionaire Rich Katha", as well as the Yant Kropetch or "Diamond Shield" talisman of invulnerability. Like many others, I first learned of this guru monk from Lek Watruak's website. For a more detailed history you can click here.
LP was the past abbot of Wat Bangnomkho in Sena district in Ayuttaya. Although LP had passed away for 70 years, he is still remembered by many people in Central Thailand for his transcendal Dhamma power.
I visited Wat Bangnomkho on 18.01.2008 in admiration of this great guru. A giant statue of LP Parn immediately greets all visitors to this temple.
A smaller standing statue of LP Parn. Beside the statue is the Billionaire Katha, which goes:

Namo Tassa (3x)
Put Ta Ma Ah U Na Mo Put Ta Ya (1x)
Wira Dhayo Wira Konayang Wira Hingsa
Wira Dhasi Wira Dhasa Wira Ittiyo
Buddhassa Manee Mama Buddhassa Swahom (3 or 9x)

This Katha is chanted every morning and evening for prosperity and the ending of poverty.
The Buddha image in the Ubosot of Wat Bangnomkho. Below the Buddha is another image of LP Parn. The web of Saisin or holy thread above suggests a consecration ceremony had taken place recently. A new life-sized wax image of LP Parn. It was only there when I visited the 2nd time in July 08.
A mural in the Ubosot depicting HM the King coming to honour LP Parn.
The main Chedi of the Wat.
The wax statue of LP Parn. Behind it is the golden stupa containing LP's relics.
Another view of the Vihara.
Outside the Vihara.
Another shrine outside the Vihara, with a statue of LP Parn reading a scripture.
A 5" bronze bucha of LP Parn I obtained from the temple.
Another 5" bucha I obtained from the temple in Jan 2009.
A set of 6 LP Parn Somdej amulets consecrated in 2545 BE (2002 CE). A set of LP Parn's Somdej Rian (medals), also consecrated in 2545. As the Chinese saying goes, "A mountain is famous not because of its height, it is famous because of its immortals". This is an interesting temple definitely worth visiting again.


kong said...

wayne, may i know how u get the set of 6 LP Parn Somdej amulets consecrated in 2545 BE (2002 CE)? i been looking for them for so long..and actually where is this Wat Bangnomkho located? thanks

Wayne said...

You can get them from me or from the temple. It's located in Ayuttaya.

Wayne said...

You can call me at 94594897 for further inquiries.

kong said...

wayne, actually i from malaysia..that number is singapore fon ,rtie?

Wayne said...

Yes Singapore in front add +65.

bluessz said...

A set of 6 LP Parn Somdej amulets ... is it still avalaible??? May I know what is the price? thanks!

Wayne said...

No more sorry.

Khoo Teng Khoon said...


Sorry, the GeoCities web site you were trying to reach is no longer available.

Ace Seow said...

Is the 5 inche LP Parn bucha you purchased in 2009 still available?

Please contact me via email at aceseow@ gmail.com.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Is this available thanks.
Kindly sent me an email for price.

>> mike.co9888@gmail.com