Sunday, January 20, 2008

Phra Buddha Nimit of Wat Na Phramen

Phra Buddha Nimit 常胜佛 (seen above) is the main Buddha Image of the centuries old Wat Na Phramen, Ayuttaya. The Image was first casted in bronze, then lacquered and plated with gold. It measures 9 cubits wide knee to knee and is 6 meters high. The Image is also clad in royal attire and in the posture of subduing Mara. Legend has it that the temple was built my the King of the Devas, Phra Indra in 1503 CE during the reign of King Ramathibodi II, the 10th King of Ayuttaya. The name given to the temple at that time was Wat Phra Meru Rachikaram. In the year 1760 CE, when King Along Phaya of Burma came to attack Ayuttaya, he had his soldiers station cannons at Wat Na Phramen and Wat Chang. King Along Phaya commanded the troops and fired the cannon at Wat Na Phramen himself. Unfortunately for him, the cannon exploded and he was seriously injured. The Burmese forces had to beat a hasty retreat north. As soon as the troops left, the King also passed away. With the sacredness of the Buddha Image, it was long believed to have help save Ayuttaya from its enemies. Furthermore, the Image had always remained in the same condition for the past few centuries, and the temple was the only one not sacked by the Burmese when they conquered Ayuttaya.
Another important Buddha Image in Wat Na Phramen is Phra Khandararat (above), which had been around since the Dvaravati period. It is carved out of green sandstone and believed to be around 1,500 years old. The Image measures 1.7 meters wide knee to knee and is 5.2 meters tall. It sits upon a throne with the hands resting on his knees, similar to the giant Maitreya Buddha Image in Leshan, China. Phra Khandararat is believed to be brought from Sri Lanka to Siam during the Dvaravati period by Phra Upali and Phra Chaiwichit, when they went there to study Buddhism.
Replicas of the 2 important Buddha images in the Ubosot, side by side. Below is the Katha for revering Phra Buddha Nimit. First chant Namo Tassa 3 times, then recite:

"Buddha Nimittang Ahang Wantha Kamamihang
Buddha Nimittang Sahassakoti Taotanang
Buddha Nimittang Sathu Roophanang
Iti Sugato Arahang Buddho Namo Buddhaya
Potawee Kongkha Phrapoo Matewa Kamamihang."

Another 2 replicas in the courtyard.The Phra Sangkachai shrine.
The glass-enclosed Jatukam shrine.
The glass-enclosed Thousand Arm Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) Shrine.
This is the 5" Bucha of Phra Buddha Nimit that I obtained from the temple, made from bronze with gold coating. See how majestic and shining it is! An excellent image to pray to, no doubt.
The 3.5" Phra Mahasetthi 9 Nah (9-Face Buddha) bucha I obtained from the temple in Jan 2009. Made of Navaloha material. A fine bucha as well.

A video of Phra Buddha Nimit, the presiding Buddha image of Wat Na Pramen, Ayuttaya.

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