Friday, January 11, 2008

Relics of MC King

The Dhammapada says:

"Though one should live a hundred years foolish, uncontrolled,
Yet better is life for a single day moral and meditative."

On Tuesday (8.1.2008) the Shin Min paper reported that after the late actor-comedian Jimmy Nah or "MC King" was cremated, relic fragments were found among his remains. These small white flower-like fragments are considered sacred objects in Buddhist belief, even though they are not as rare as the multi-colored crystalline relics (Sarira) of enlightened beings. His relatives had these relics fragments all collected together in an urn with the rest of the remains.

Although MC King died suddenly of heart failure last week, his death was not in vain. Some would consider him young, dying at 40; but he had lived a good and moral life, which is in many ways superior to people who lived a much longer but heedless life. Besides being humorous, MC King was a hardworking and humble person, well-liked by his friends and colleagues. He was also known to be very filial to his widow mother and supportive to his siblings. MC King also had a deep reverence for the Buddha and the gods, as he was born with the "spirit eye" which enabled him to see ghostly beings at times. This made him well aware of other realms of existence other than the material one. Although he had not practiced any meditation, his filial piety and wholesome conduct no doubt had a profound positive effect on his karma. That is why some parts of his physical body had been purified into relic fragments. It was also reported that somebody dreamt of him appearing in a bright golden form, a clear sign that MC King had been reborn into a realm of happiness, mostly probably in one of the heavens. I hope that he can continue to follow the Dhamma in that realm and achieve the highest bliss.

Let us rejoice for MC King, sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

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