Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LP Wat Raiking of Nakhon Pathom

Luang Por Wat Raiking 来金佛 is the most revered Buddha image in the province of Nakhon Pathom, believed to be able to grant wishes. Everyday there are many devotees, from here as well as from Bangkok coming to pray for all sorts of things. I visited Wat Raiking for the first time on 17.01.2008. The temple was founded in 2334 BE (217 years ago) during the reign of King Rama I. It is in the common posture of subduing Mara, and measures 4 cubits 2 inches knee to knee, 4 cubits 16 inches high. The image is believed to be casted by Lan Chang artisans. Legend has it that the Buddha floated down the river to land in this area. A temple was built here to house the sacred image. It was then named "Wat Mongkon Chindaram" by a royal patriarch, but nobody uses that name; instead everybody prefer to call it Wat Raiking, which means "Ginger Plantation Temple". Above we see the Sala outside the Ubosot.
A web of Saisin (holy thread) hangs above the Ubosot in front of LP Wat Raiking. Recently we can see this in most of the temples we visit as there are many consecration cermonies going on.
A close up the sacred Buddha image.
The Katha chanted to revere LP Wat Raiking is as follows:
Namo tassa (3X)
Gayena Wajaya Wa Jetasawa
Mahesakkaya Tewadaya Apipathidang
Ittipadiharigang Mangkala Jindarama Putta Padimagarang
Poochamihang Yawacheewanja Sugammigo Sukapatthitaya (Sathu).
People sticking gold leaf on the Phra Sangajaya image outside the Ubosot.
This is the 5-inch LP Wat Raiking bucha that I obtained from the temple. It is made of Pit Thong (bronze with gold coating) material and consecrated in 2523 BE (1980 CE). It emanates a compassionate and peaceful golden aura. No wonder the people here respect this Buddha image so much.
This is the 5cm wooden medal consecrated last year (2007) by the temple. It is light and very well-crafted. Suitable for guys but girls may find it too big. Wat Raiking is a great temple and I will definitely come to visit again in the future.

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