Sunday, September 20, 2009

PT Klai of Wat That Noi

Portan Klai (1876-1970) of Wat That Noi was one of the most famous guru monks in Nakhon Si Thammarat (NST) one generation ago. He was called the "Golden Mouth Master" because he kept a vow of silence for many years. PT Klai did not want to speak because whatever he said came true, and he felt sad for the bad things that happened as he predicted. Although he did not speak, followers found ways to get around his vow - they got him to nod or shake his head in response to their queries on various matters. Above we see one of the temple gates of Wat That Noi.
The Sala.
A 3-D model of the entire temple.
A Chinese shrine.
Inside the shrine was the skeletal Bodhisatta, the 5 ascetics, Phra Indra playing the lute (to remind the Bodhisatta of the Middle Way) as well as the lady Sujata who offered milk rice to him before his final struggle towards Enlightenment.
A pavilion.
Inside the pavilion was a Pang Palelai Buddha and PT Klai.
A very live wax statue of PT Klai. Beside him was the portrait of the current abbot (didn't get his name).
The big white Chedi housing the body of PT Klai.
Another big Sala.
A large Phra Non (Reclining Buddha) facing the Chedi.
The 1st storey entrance to the Chedi building.
The 2nd storey entrance to the Chedi itself.
The body of PT Klai.
A closer shot. Only his skeleton was left after 39 years.
PT Klai's Katha:
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhasa (3x)
Buddhang Arahang Buddho
Dhammang Arahang Buddho
Sanghang Arahang Buddho
Phra Kru Pisit Anthagaro Namo Buddhaya.
The Buddha altar beside PT Klai's casket.
Another Chinese shrine to Bodhisatta Guanyin. There are many Chinese devotees from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore supporting this temple.
Inside the vice abbot's kuti. This was the main altar.
The side altar with a Buddha painting, a wax bucha of PT Klai and various Jatukam buchas.
The kind vice abbot, Ajarn Chamnan. He treated us to lunch and a big bunch of chikus as desert. He speaks good English and had visited Singapore many times!
A 5" bucha of PT Klai that I chowed at the temple.

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