Friday, September 11, 2009

Wat Diluang in Songkhla

Wat Diluang in Songkhla is one of those famous LP Tuad temples where Ajarn Tim made LP Tuad amulets for from 2505- 2506 BE. The first thing that strikes you when you visit this temple is the large LP Tuad statue above the main shrine building.
Climbing up the stairs, I took a closer look of the statue. In front of LP Tuad is a smaller Buddha statue with Ayuttaya royal attire.
Looking down from the shrine.
The Vihara below the LP Tuad statue.
The Sala.
The Ubosot.
Photos of a new batch of Wat Diluang Iron and Matchbox LP Tuad amulets.
The Luang Por at Wat Diluang. He is not the abbot so I did not ask his name, but he looked very much like Ajarn Nong of Wat Saikow during his younger days! I thought maybe he was a relative of Ajarn Nong.
Silver LP Tuad Stamps I chowed from the temple.

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