Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wat Tonliap in Songkhla

Wat Tonliap is the sacred place in Songkhla where the mysterious Cobra gave the baby Poo (future LP Tuad) a crystal ball, and also the place where LP Tuad's mother buried his placenta. Above we see the LP Tuad Sivali shrine with a cobra below.
This is the statue of LP Tuad seated on a coiled cobra, similar to those at Wat Pako.
And this is the Chedi (partially covered by the yellow cloth) under the Banyan Tree where LP Tuad's mother was said to have buried his placenta.
The full view of the old Banyan Tree.
The Vihara in front of the Banyan Tree.
The main altar inside the late abbot's (LP Jamnian) kuti. This is also where they keep the amulets and buchas.
The shrine to the sacred cobra. When I was back the 2nd time, an image of baby Poo (LP Tuad's birth name - means crab) was added to the cobra statue.
This is a close-up shot of the sacred Naga pearl given to LP Tuad by the cobra, which is now enshrined at Wat Pako.
The main altar inside the LP Jamnian Vihara.
A big portrait of the late LP Jamnian.
Another standing portrait of him. LP Jamnian's undecaying body can still be viewed inside the LP Jamnian Vihara. Although he passed away several years ago, but we could still remember him as one of those famous guru monks in Songkhla who specialized in LP Tuad like Ajarn Nong of Wat Saikow and LP Daeng of Wat Si Mahapo.

A video of the undecaying body that I took.
Newspaper cutting showing a batch of LP Tuad roops and rians being consecrated in 2538 (1995).
Photo of LP Jamnian conducting the consecration.
A LP Tuad on Cobra special pim bucha by LP Jamnian.

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