Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wat Khao Kut in Songkhla

Wat Khao Kut is a new hilltop temple overlooking the scenic Songkhla lake. On the peak of the hill is the above white Chedi, which houses the Buddha called Somdej Jao Gor Yor.

A video I took of the Chedi and the view of Songkhla lake.
The temple shop. It has many amulets but most were from other temples.
Photos of the latest LP Tuad Rian Lor Boran by Ajarn Klang Saeng, the abbot of Wat Khao Kut. Another photo showing the various materials used to forge the LP Tuad medals.
And this is the young Ajarn Klang Saeng, which has amazingly kept a vow of silence for more than 3 years. He is now known as the "golden mouth master" like Portan Klai of Wat That Noi. Why they are called golden mouth is because you could not get them to talk even if you offered them gold bars. I asked Ajarn to bless the items I chowed from the temple again as a gesture of respect. The 5" LP Tuad bucha with elephant head that I obtained there.


Bernard Ng said...

Hi! i am a devotee of AC Klang Sen from Penang. I have been visiting him since 2007, ac Klang Sen is not the abbot of khao khut, he is the deputy abbot.
Khao khut has been around for more than 10 years and the piece of land was donated by the former chief of Thailand highway department whose bungalow is located on your left hand side at the bottom of the hill.
ac Klang sen has made his new Sivali both metal and non metal and my advise is to collect them as the power of ac Klang Sen is so strongly exhibited in these Sivali amulets.
Ac Klang Sen is now so famous in Singapore,KL and of course Penang, he visited Sweedagon Pagoda last month with Ac Boon Mi from Khao khut and during the period of 10 days to Myanmar he attracted more than 50 yogis from Penang Meditation Centre with his politeness and purity of buddism practise!!

Unknown said...

wish to pay a visit to Archan KlangSeng's wat, anyone can give detail on the location?

Thanks in advance!