Thursday, August 09, 2007

Temples in Pattalung - Wat Bansuan

These are the rest of the pics I took in Pattalung on May 20th. Actually that day I took many pics (including those at Wat Phra Mahathat) but I didn't have the time to show all of them. There are a few famous temples in Pattalung province, and the first one we will see here is Wat Bansuan. This temple had been established since the Ayuttaya period, nearly 500 yrs ago in 2070 BE. Above is the Bot of the temple, with an Ashoka Lion Pillar erected below.

A close up of the Standing Buddha statue in front of the Bot.

The Shrine to LP (Ajarn) Kong built in 2525 BE (1982). He passed away many yrs ago, but LP Kong used to be one of the most famous monks of this province, skilled in the Puttakom arts of Wat Kao Or.

Inside the shrine we see 3 bronze statues of LP Kong.

The main Chedi of Wat Bansuan, housing the Buddha's relics.

A curious giraffe guardian of this temple.

Another view of the chedi. Some renovations were going on then.

Interestingly, in Thai temple architecture, they always build Nagas to protect the sides of any stair structures.

Behind the chedi are the statues of the 7-day Buddha, one for each day of the week. They depict the Buddha's activities in the 7 weeks following his enlightenment.

A 7-inch (full height 10 inches) bronze bucha of Phra Buddha Maha Mongkon I obtained from Wat Bansuan. It is modelled after the Chiang Saen style Phra Buddha Sihing of Nakhon Si Thammarat. From there let us proceed to the other temples.

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