Saturday, August 11, 2007

Temples in Pattalung - Wat Donsala

Next we come to another famous temple in Pattalung, Wat Donsala. LP Yiad, the master of LP Kong (Wat Bansuan) came from this temple. He is also very well versed in the Puttakom arts. LP Yiad passed away in 2491 BE (1948) at the age of 66. He was succeeded by Ajarn Nam, who passed away in 2520 BE (1970) at the age of 85. Above is the main Sala of this temple.

The altar inside the Sala. Besides the 8 great disciples flanking the Buddha statue, they also have portraits of the King & Queen of Thailand.

A tall portrait to Ajarn Si Ngern (I think), who took over from Ajarn Nam as abbot after the latter died. He also created many well-known amulets.

Outside the Sala is another altar with 6 Buddha statues in front & back positions.

The Bot is closed as usual.

This wiharn venerates all the famous monks of this temple. When there's consecration cermonies going on, all of them are invited back with the Saisin (holy thread). That's all for the pics here at Donsala. There was also nothing much to get there, except for more affordable Jatukam amulets which I passed. Unfortunately one can't find those antique amulets of LP Yiad, Ajarn Nam or even Ajarn Si Ngern. What a waste.

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